My name is Paula Mulkins and I am a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer which means my methods do not scare your furry family member into submission but makes training fun. Since the beginning of the human/dog relationship it has been a relationship of friendship and mutual respect. Your dog is yearning to work and watching your every movement to figure out how to do the job you need them to do whether it be sitting, greeting strangers properly, or acting sensible when out and about.  I want your dog to work for me and for you because it is fun and (s)he enjoys it.

I have always had a love for animals, dogs in particular, from the time I could waddle. My mom would say I would walk up to any stray animal as a young child practically giving her a heart attack every time.  As a meter reader for Kentucky Utilities I looked forward to meeting all the dogs on my routes and that is when I decided to put my love for dogs to good use and graduated from the Animal Behavior College.

My kids are a border collie mix, Hailey, from the Woodford County Humane Society, a basset hound named Cletus from Basset Rescue of Kentuckiana, and a Chi/JRT mix named Yoda from L.I.F.E. House for Animals in Frankfort. They are my family so I understand exactly how important our furry kids are to us.

I offer Private and Group Lessons, both in Basic Obedience and Problem Behaviors, discounts for Rescue/Shelter dogs.  I’ll come to your home and meet you and your pet(s).  We can discuss any questions you may have while I get to know your furbaby and you observe how we interact.  We can work out a schedule that suits your needs and complete necessary paperwork.



  • A graduate of the Animal Behavior College
  •   A full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • A graduate of FernDog Academy
  • L.I.F.E. House Volunteer
  • Positive Reinforcement Trainer
  •  No choker chains/shock collars are allowed
  • Dogs will never be frightened of my methods
  • Specializing in Shelter Dogs
  • Certificate in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
  • Clicker Training Certificate from the Karen Pryor Academy
  • Insured by KennelPro

dont blame me

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