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 Call 502-510-6757.  E-mail:  All classes will be held at 2015( Hwy 151) Graefenburg Rd.( on Good Acres Sanctuaries) in Lawrenceburg, Ky.  Come and enjoy the fun!


ORIENTATION: Wed. October 4 @ 5:30. Please submit Class Registration Form 

  • Reactive Rover classes teach you how to work with & manage your dog that barks and lunges on the leash or in other situations
  •  Having a ‘Reactive Rover’ can be stressful. The goal is to improve communication and create a better relationship with your dog.
  •  Improved understanding and communication with your dog. .
  • Learn focus and relaxation for you and your dog
  • Games, exercises and specific techniques will be practiced in a controlled setting to teach your dog alternative and more calm behaviors that you will be able to manage on the outside






                    ORIENTATION: Thursday Oct 5 @ 6:30 pm, Tuesday Oct 10 @ 10:00 am

                                                Thursday Nov 2 @ 5:30 pm, Tuesday Nov 7 @ 6:30 pm

                          Please submit Class Registration Form


 What is Levels Training?

Paula’s Pawsitive Dog Training offers the most flexible group training classes available known as “Levels Training.” Levels obedience training is a group program offering unlimited training sessions during the period you are enrolled.

With a levels membership, you can come to our drop-in classes as often as you like for as long as you’d like. Get as much or as little training as you want or need based on your own expectations for your dog.

Come as often as three times a week! Check the schedule to see when each level is offered. Move through all four levels or choose to stay at a lower level. The choice is yours!

LEVEL 1: STARTING OUT we’ll introduce the basic command sit, down, stationary      attention, and the name game. We’ll also work on problem behaviors such as jumping, play-biting and house training. All dogs (even those with prior training) start in level 1.

Requirements to move to Level 2: Dog can sit and down on command. Dog will   respond readily to his name with mild distractions.


LEVEL 2: MANNERS TRAINING we’ll work on walking politely on a loose leash without pulling, paying attention to the owner while walking and ignoring other dogs. We’ll also begin working on come and stay. Level 2 includes problem-solving information for behaviors such as barking, digging, chewing, etc.

Requirements to move to Level 3: Dog can walk nicely around the training area with attention on owner (and no pulling) with other dogs 4-5 feet away. Dog will come when called on leash with mild distractions.


LEVEL 3: ADDING DISTRACTIONS & GAMES we’ll work on a long-distance come command, stay with distractions, loose-leash walking past distractions, and distance commands.

Requirements to move to Level 4: Dog will stay for 30 seconds with mild distractions and owner standing on the leash. Dog will heel past other dogs with leash over owner’s shoulder. Dog will come from 20 feet away with moderate distractions.


LEVEL 4: ADVANCED TRAINING we’ll work on polishing the come command and teaching an emergency come, strengthen the stay command by teaching the dog to stay for longer periods of time at a greater distance from the owner, work on turns and automatic sit in heeling.

Level 4 goals: Dog can heel off-leash past other dogs and distractions. Dog will stay 10 feet away from owner for 3 minutes with distractions. Dog will come off leash past distractions from 30 feet away.

Training Packages

       PLATINUM (Best Value!) –  $940.00 per dog

  • A full year of unlimited training in Levels Obedience Classes
  • 2 FREE private sessions in your home during your membership period
  • 20% discount on all specialty classes offered such as Treibball, Agility, etc.
  • With regular attendance in class and practice at home, most owners can expect their dogs to be working well in level 4.


 GOLD –  $500.00 per dog

  • 6 months unlimited training in Levels Obedience Classes
  • 10% discount on specialty classes during your membership period.
  • 10% discount on private lessons during your membership period.
  • With regular attendance in class and practice at home, most owners can expect their dogs to be working well in level 3, and many dogs will be able to make it into level 4.


  SILVER –  $350.00  per dog

  • 4 months unlimited training in Levels Obedience Classes
  • With regular attendance in class and practice at home, most owners can expect their dogs to move to level 3 and possibly level 4 in some cases


  BRONZE –  $280.00 per dog

  • 2-months unlimited training in Levels Obedience Classes
  • With regular attendance in class and some practice at home, owners can expect their dogs to move to level 2 and possibly level 3.




 Benefits of Levels Training over traditional classes:

    •  Level 1 classes start approximately every three weeks so there is little wait to enroll your dog in a class.
    • All the dogs in each level are at a similar stage in training. This allows me to better address the needs of each dog.
    • Work at your own skill level for as long as necessary. No falling behind since there is no requirement to move up.
    • Students can revisit a lower level at any time to brush up on previous skills.
    • Dogs move in and out of each level throughout the training, which provides new dogs as distractions each week.
    • Students can take time off if they have a very busy week or go out of town. Just return to class at the same level without fear of falling behind.
    • Have extra time in your schedule? Attend more than one session a week if you are able to do so.

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